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Delmonté Hiring Services
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Cell: 083 230 8386
Strand Road - Blackheath
P.O.Box 123
Large plates: R2.00
Fish plates: R1.00
Side plates: R1.00
Dessert bowls: R1.00
Soup bowls: R1.00
Glass started bowls: R2.00
Cups and Saucers: R2.00
Milk Jugs: R2.00
Sugar Bowls: R2.00
Tea pot stainless steel 3 & 4lt: R20.00
Coffee Pot: R15.00
Porcelain tea pot: R15.00
Knives: R1.00
Forks: R1.00
Dessert Spoons: R1.00
Fish knives: R1.00
Fish forks: R1.00
Steak knives: R1.50
Tea Spoons: R1.00
Soup Spoons: R1.00
Cake forks: R1.00
Serving spoons: R5.00
Salad spoons: R5.00
Meat tongs: R5.00
Cake lifters: R5.00
Bottle opener: R5.00
Cake knife set: R20.00
Carving fork & knife: R20.00
Juice jugs: R5.00
Champagne glasses: R2.00
Wine glasses: R2.00
Sherry glasses: R2.00
Cool drink glasses: R2.00
Beer glasses: R2.00
Whiskey glasses: R2.00
Glass salad bowls: R10.00
Glass cake plate: R10.00
Wine carafe: R2.50
Salt & Pepper sets: R2.50
Ashtrays: R2.00
Glass vase: R12.00
Spaghetti vase: R20.00
Deep floating bowl & stand: R30.00
Flat floating bowl & stand: R20.00
Table napkins: R5.00
Long table cloths 3m: R40.00
Round Table cloths 2.4m: R35.00
Round Table cloths 3m: R40.00
Linen Overlays: R8.00
Satin overlays: R10.00
Organza Overlays 1,5x1,5: R15.00
Organza bows: R5.00
Brides table satin: R60.00
Brides table organza: R60.00
Chair covers: R10.00
6m drapes: R50.00
11m drapes: R100.00
Long tables 8-10 people: R30.00
Round tables 8-10 people: R30.00
Patio tables 4 people: R20.00
Round cake table with cloth: R30.00
Chairs: R6.00

Under plate silver: R7.00
Guest list stand: R100.00
Silver candelabra 5pnt: R75.00
Arch: R100.00
Trolleys: R100.00
Red carpet (119cm x 10m) R250.00
3 Burner boiling table: R250.00
Pot potjie Nr6: R100.00
Bain-marie (Big,3 big dishes,4 small) R250.00
Bain-marie (1 big dish, 4 small dishes) R200.00
9Kg Gas Tank Full R250.00
Urn: R100.00
Trays: R10.00
Platters: R10.00
Ice buckets: R10.00
Spit braais: R300.00
Braais: R100.00
Chafing dishes: R70.00
Double chip fryer: R200.00
Charcoal 5kg=R30
Ice 2kg: R7

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